How to build a resume

How to Build your Resume

Here at QRI, we receive resumes regularly and reading through resumes is something our recruiters do quite often. With that, we have come up with tips on how to make a resume and how to make it effective catching a recruiter’s attention and getting you a step further into the hiring process.

Step 1: Identify the work experience and skills that are needed in the job post you are interested in applying to

By knowing more details about the job position you are applying for, you will come across skills, experiences and traits that are necessary for one to possess in order to be successful in filling this position. Once you know what skills are needed, look into the skills you possess and the experience you have. Is it a good fit? If so, highlight these skills, past work experience and traits in your resume. Recruiters want to see what you possess and how well you fit into the position. They want you to succeed – because after all, your success is theirs!

Step 2: Highlight your Skills and Talents

As mentioned in Step 1, highlight your skills and talents that are relatable to the job. Include actual and verifiable information that will scream you are perfect for this job! Other important information that must be included in your resume are:

  • Previous jobs
    • Title with company
    • Duties performed
    • Skills used to perform duties
    • Dates job was performed

Again, be sure to emphasize on relatable skills that are necessary for the job you are applying for.

  • Highest Level of Education
  • Certificates/Licenses
  • Special skills that will make you stand out
  • Accomplishments, awards and special recognition you may have received
  • Professional organizations you are a member of
  • Volunteer work

Step 3: Edit and Proof Read

Once you have all of the above information on your resume, review it. Go through your resume, add in any missing information that are related to your desired job position or remove anything that isn’t really necessary. Spell check and clean it up. This ensures nothing was overlooked.