"QRI gave me an opportunity to work for a manufacturing company as a Shipper/Receiver. I learned many skills, worked hard and was hired permanently. I’ve referred my mother and sister to QRI and they were both placed on an assignment and hired permanent. We are very thankful to QRI for helping change our lives."
N. Dominguez
"I go back and forth to my country to visit my parents every year and can only take temporary jobs. QRI has placed me at different assignments. I like all of the assignments and I have learned many skills. Anytime I look for work I call QRI."
"I was placed on a couple of assignments, learned many skills and eventually got hired permanently. QRI kept in contact with me during my assignments and after I was hired permanently. I am thankful to QRI for always thinking of me and keeping in touch."
A.Duran Marketing Assistant
"I worked for QRI for 2 years. I like working for QRI and the assignments they have placed me on. I referred my daughter to QRI. She is currently working as a team lead/recruiter for QRI. My daughter and I are very happy with our jobs."
A.De La Cruz
"QRI placed me on an assignment a year ago. It’s fast paced and demanding and I like that. QRI gave me the perfect job. I also like that QRI keeps in touch with me while I’m on my assignment. I have referred many friends to QRI. "
A. Del Monte
"I have worked for QRI for several years during my winter/summer break from school. QRI has always worked hard to find me jobs that meet my schedule and enables me to gain experience in customer service and admin positions."
S. DeChamp
"I’ve work for QRI for several years. I enjoy my job and the people I work with."
M. Rodriguez
"QRI is extremely responsive and provides good quality service."
K. Azuri